The Beginning: Building Something Better™
Rex Kirby, our founder and president, wanted to start and grow a company that was committed to “Building Something Better”... better people, better buildings, and better communities. He felt so strongly about the saying that he trademarked it! Our team shares this common passion of Building Something Better, and we're collectively united in delivering on this promise.


The Story Continues: The “Yeti®"-- Reliable, Innovative, Preferred…
A few years ago, our Leadership team bantered around how to best reinforce these characteristics as we built our internal culture. We realized our story was similar to Yeti® Coolers and Drinkware; we don’t want to be the biggest, we want to be known as the best, intensely passionate about the service and end-product we provide.

To crystallize this with our team, all new hires receive a personalized Verdex Yeti® as a daily reminder of being “Yeti-like” -- engaged, solutions-oriented, and unfailing in our commitment to our clients. It has become our internal brand … Verdex, the Yeti® of Construction.


Today: Collaborative Team Spirit
Here at Verdex everyone, including the CEO, has an open-door policy for asking questions and discussing thoughts. Weekly team meetings offer trainings and forums, allowing individuals and teams to openly discuss their experiences. Regular company-wide meetings and ongoing trainings keep our team focused and up-to-date with the latest technology and systems.

This all-inclusive environment also involves celebrations with the entire team. Contract-Signing Happy Hours and annual picnics allow our close-knit culture to flourish.

Our path continually leads us to an unwavering commitment to responsiveness, integrity, and true passion for Building Something Better.

Verdex volunteer painting fence
Education Foundation of Palm Beach County Back to School Supply Drive


One of Verdex’s Core Values is service to our community. We stand true to our values through sponsorship and volunteering. In addition to our charitable outreach, we are also very active in business and industry-specific associations. Below are a few of the local organizations we support:


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